Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Voter's Day!!

The Union Cabinet declared  25th January every year as the “National Voters’ Day” beginning from year 2011 and they approved to provide voters a badge with its logo and the slogan 

“Proud to be a voter – Ready to vote”.

Many Questions arise-

  • Do we as Voters, know our duties & rights? 
  • Do we ever read the manifesto of parties before going to cast our Vote? 
  • Do we really know much about the candidate whom we are going to Vote for??
Majority answers to all the above question would be negation & nothing more..
Manesfesto- the declairation & the promises made by various parties to lure voters.. 
  • Do these promise see the real sunshine any day, during the tenure of that party, if it comes in power?
Again answer will be No...
We as Voters know well, politicians are befooling us..

Then Why don't we ask for electoral reforms???
Shouldn't we ask for few laws related to elections may be through Law or Election comission..
1. Why would any party promise Freebies in diguise manner during elections in their manifesto & campaigning speeches?? Why they are allowed to do so..??
If distribution of cash & kind during election is crime under Law.. Then Why not any Law for such dreams & dream castles that Politicians build for luring innocent  & unaware Voters??
2. Post election Caolition shouldn't be allowed.. This will stop the voters from being cheated.. 
See if independent candidates & the small parties which voter choose, because He doesn't like two or more major parties.. And the same ; post election joins the fraudlent & discarded party..
  • Isn't the Voter being cheated??
Secondly if "Gadhbandhan" or coalition is to be done previous to elections - it may check two things-  
Purchasing & selling of victorious candidates, post election..
Second, It will give clear idea to the voter, about the ideology & manifesto of the candidates.
Though there are many hurdles in doing so..
But yes, there is a inevitable need to have some reforms..
3.EVM -the electronic voting machine.. 
When big democracies & most sophisticated nations have discarded the method of casting vote,through EVM- with a reasoning that, it might have flaws & may be hacked etc.. 
They are still using Ballot papers.. 
Then-Why we the largest democracy with so much manpower & so much of JUGAD Rann Neeti is following this method??
4.Manifesto is generally overlooked by voters & the media too.. Just Star campaigning is being focussed upon nothing else in print & electronic media.. 
Say, if anyone goes to look upon the manifesto before selection of,a suitable candidate.. 
WHO will ensure the voter that the party would follow that MANIFESTO in its tenure..?
Here come the need to have some tool, may be a LAW which will ensure that the all promises made before election..or certain percentage of it, would be fulfilled during the term..may be,in  first year of governance.. The manifesto can be divided into time bound goals of the Govt. for this purpose.
Else, the election of candidate may be/should be declaired Void.
Though most of my view points may look unrealistic & utopian in nature.. 
But most of you would agree there is the need to have some check.. some laws & some electoral reforms.
Unless the Voter is AWARE of his Duties as a sensible citizen in Indian democracy & unless the voter is alert & has tools to fight back for his rights. 
Celebrating VOTER'S DAY on 25th January every year- is mockery of Adult Franchise, nothing else!!
Voters are not commodities that can be sold or purchased using freebies..
Virtues, ethics & idelogies- aren't sellable product of a market.. 
This is the message that VOTERS need to send across the Nation!! 
Then only We can read the slogan aloud  
“Proud to be a voter – Ready to vote”..!!

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  1. Voters day?? what the heck is that for god's sake! This is yet another hogwash by the CON Party to lure the pure illiterate voters off their sanity - rather, whatever is left of it after believing these retched politicians blindly. Neither the manifesto or the promises these politicians, particularly the Congressies bellow out time and time again, right from Sonia Gandhi down to the most puny self proclaimed leader of theirs beg during elections, hold good in words or deeds.

    Yes, perhaps a law should be enacted that stipulates firmly that any promises bellowed out or laid out in any manifesto should be initiated with and attempted to conclude with a reasonable percentage of progress, if not wholly, by the time their term completes. Instead, what occurs is a whole set of lies committed repeatedly and shamelessly every election time and the voters falling into the same trap in a sort of cyclostylic routine. No doubt the voters too are to be blamed for this digression. But the moral responsibility definitely falls on those politicians who falsely promise the moon to the majority of the impoverished and thereafter siphon off with whatever little these poor lot possess unscrupulously.

    The induction of EVM's was not just a joke but a avenue for siphoning off money from the exchequer as well. It was proved beyond doubt that the EVMs were always faulty and could be tampered with easily. Hence, as you said, most of the developed countries who perhaps could have manufactured far better fool proof EVMs did not resort to trusting it but the ballot. In India, this departure to EVMs was more out of morbid lust for power by the Congress than out of any other imaginable justification. The induction and continuance of EVMs in the Indian electoral scenario itself calls for rethinking.

    Ultimately, regardless of all the umpteen other negative factors entailing a pre voting era, it is the Voters who must mature and cast their votes diligently. They should understand what their beliefs in a political system derives. They should know that their belief in one political party or system of governance should be thoroughly justified by the deeds their repositories do in return. Unless that maturity, i.e. value for their votes, come into realization, the current political platform will prevail and continue to goof the vast majority of the votes into ignorant oblivion.

    Well, let us hope that the future holds better understanding of what voting means to the voters and appropriate results are reflected. Meantime, belittling a day by terming it as voters day is not mere gimmick but absolute absurdity. Hope the public realize this and not all for such impervious propaganda.

    Well done Shuchi for taking up a very poignant subject for discussion.