Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Superspecialized & Pivot Role-THE HOMEMAKER . It's a matter of Pride!

We often talk about women's liberalization & equality. Thus to provide women better education & job opportunities, they are given reservation. This made them-self reliant, confident and economically independent. But does it really help to fight back women exploitation? Has this given her moral support & emotional security?
If we see other side of the coin...
Modern woman is being rather sandwiched between the dual responsibilities. She is being dragged by the over demanding goals as a home-maker and a professional. Work related stress, burnouts, mental exhaustion and molestations are never a deniable aspect in this competitive world. What does she gets in return? Isn’t she really being exploited NOW?
 Do we feel that real needy girls are able to grab these jobs? Sincerely speaking it’s not the case.
Girls with high status family background, girls who are manipulative , who are ready to compromise a lot have better chances of grabbing jobs than those who are well qualified, needy and more deserving.
Don’t you think this is reducing the job opportunities for more needy males and creating job scarcity in a society with a grave problem of Unemployment? Aren’t males still the BREAD EARNER, who contribute major part of their income to sustain a family?
Hope you won’t disagree if I say that a girl’s income is being mostly spent on luxuries than on necessities. This extravagance & high purchasing power of few leads to inflation in market and contributes to dissatisfaction and frustration of many have-nots in society.
Resultant is that more girls are being compelled to grab a job of any kind & at any cost to maintain the so called “standard of living” rather the “standard of show-off.”
Most of them want to work either because of social pressure or because it’s today’s trend.
   Can I ask why?  Is this only ultimate motive of being educated? Or is this a way to prove ourselves liberal & civilized, or it’s a disguised way to get dowry in instalments by marrying a working women ?
Do we really want that girls should be independent? 
OK  fine, if girls feel independent & equal to man.
If they are equal then why they want RESERVATION? Why they want to leave office earlier to reach home early? Why want posting in home town? Why rebates in taxation?
Then where goes their big fat "Ego"? Where disappears the "feeling of disgrace to be called different from male counterparts", when they beg for favours because they are weak & delicate..?Isn’t this a PARADOX?
Why can’t a well qualified lady accept the PIVOT role in society of being a HOME-MAKER? Why this role is being looked down?
Is it just because she doesn’t earn name, fame & money in terms of cash: formally?
I’m not against girl’s jobs but do wives of bureaucrats & businessman need to work? They work to kill there boredom? They want themselves to be busy outside home..Why?Is being complementary to man so disgraceful?Is working in a team called Family so uninteresting? Is there nothing to be done at home? Are household jobs so down trodden?
 As a Home-Maker a lady contributes a lot to society. She adds to family’s REAL-INCOME: i.e. the money that she saves due to her contribution as work. She can prevent phenomena of broken homes, juvenile delinquency, crimes, distress, suicides & episodes of depression. She can provide a healthy atmosphere at home to enhance the work efficiency of family members, she transmits our heritage – the culture-to young-ones, she socializes human infant into responsible future citizen.
HER specialized work area can’t be overlooked & ignored.
Her contribution can not be underestimated.
It’s Matter of appreciation & proud to be a Successful Home Maker!
Really try once you would get lot of satisfaction while fulfilling the demands of family members. All boredom would disappear..!