Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Most eating preferences are habits, influenced by a person’s lifestyle.

When TV viewing  replaced our entertainment options, it did not only revolutionise our free time activities, but also modified our eating habits to a large extent. 
Family meals started moving around our favourite soaps. Playtime got reduced by cartoons. 
Holiday treks were replaced by movies and popcorn.

* Research has linked excessive TV viewing to obesity especially in children. 

The proverbial "couch potato" image is scientifically true.

*Research also suggests that we tend to eat more food and remember less about what we ate when we are busy watching TV.

So how does one get out of this habit?  Ideally switch off the TV, computer etc. and concentrate on just food while eating.
Do you Remember Indian saying-भोजन और भजन एकांत में करने चाहिए ? This is first key to success. 
Second wayout can be have light n refreshing foods/ drinks like fruits, roasted namkeens, juices/limewater/Chhachh etc while your mind is focussed on Television soap.
I don't want you to just Switch off your Favourite Programme.
I just say we must eat food at proper time & in a proper manner.
I have a hard reason behind saying- we must concentrate on food only while eating it. 
Whenever we see, smell & taste a food a Feedback to brain is send & Digestive juices are released in body which help in proper digestion of food n better utilisation of nutrients. If we eat food concentrating  on something else say TV/Computer. These Digestive juices aren't released & food remains undigested.. Which may end up in Heart burn. 
Also If we eat food with concentration on TV-the feedback of satiety value of amoun of food reaches to brain:delayed. So we keep on eating extra food which is harmful to our health.
Sometimes if we prefer eating oily/fried food during our favourite programme watching.. This adds to Problem of OBESITY.
Timely meals n organised way of eating with concetration on food is Best way to keep yourself fit & healthy!
Being a Couch potato is dangerous state.. So wake up n change Life-style today!!