Sunday, 28 August 2011

Banana.. The neglected Fruit...

Banana is one of the most abundant, easily available and inexpensive fruit in the Indian market. It is practically available throughout the year. This humble fruit can boast of having several health advantages. Here I list a few:

1. Keeps blood pressure in control- They have a high potassium content which is required to balance the high salts in our diets.

2. Soothe ulcers and heartburn-They have antacid properties and hence recommended for ulcers. A banana shake does wonders for the heartburn.

3. Helps to normalize your bowel movements-They are good for stool formation and are easily digested hence ripe bananas are very helpful in both diarrhea as well as constipation.

4. Combat hunger pangs- It makes you feel full but not lethargic. Way better than a bag of chips or cookies.

5. Cure hangovers- A banana and a tall glass of water takes out the sting of a hangover.

6. Makes you happy- It has known to stimulate neurotransmitters, which give you a feeling of happiness i.e. eating banana improves your mood.

7. No fuss fruit- No need to wash your hands or the fruit before consumption (as required for fruits like apple, pear etc.) ; no fussy peels like oranges ; easy to carry unlike melons, papaya, pineapple etc. Just peel it and enjoy the natural goodness.

8. Versatile- they can be consumed whole or as shakes, smoothies, ice-cream, chaat (a snack in India made of fruits and spices) etc. Raw banana is used as a vegetable in various parts of India.

Its amazing what a simple, easily and widely available fruit like banana can do for our health, but but Some PEOPLE with OBESITY, DIABETES, KIDNEY Diseases must take it with caution. Kindly consult your doctor / medical nutritionist before eating it.

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The next time you wake up to a cloudy gloomy morning, do what monkeys do best, and grab yourself nature’s happy pill, the Great banana!
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