Saturday, 9 April 2011

Focus on Right MEANS not BIG AIMS!

The day Anna ji civil society was included to discuss Janlokpal bill.  All of us screamed-
Congratulations-People power WINS!
NOW-It's Our responsibility to SUSTAIN the lamp of patriotic feeling lit by Anna Hazareji in our hearts!
Time is to Focus on Right MEANS not BIG AIMS! Need of hour is to bring a SOCIAL CHANGE.To Fight against corruption we all must start from home,neighbourhood & most from our HEARTS. Boycotting Elections can't be solution to anything. Adult Franchise is our duty as well as right.If really want to boycott, then Disregard & Boycott those-who gathered Wealth by elicit means! We must start Respecting & Recognizing those people: who are rich in MORALS & VIRTUES! Time has come to regenerate faith in each & every heart that FAME COMES WITH MORALS & HUMANITY not by WEALTH! As soon as we be able to redefine the path of recognition & FAME  as Qualities, virtues, morals,fair dealings & Sound character. Most corrupt too; won't run after gathering money. All do elicit things, to get social recognition. If we treat them as Villain no one would want to be rich by elicit means! HOPE WE ALL WILL KEEP THIS NATIONAL MOVEMENT ALIVE in our thoughts, deeds & Behaviour! Then only we may combat Corruption-the social evil!