Monday, 27 June 2011

The Nagarwala case

Jimmy Nagarwala was employed with the research and analysis wing of the cabinet secretariat. He rang up the chief cashier of State Bank of India, Parliament Street branch, To tell to keep rs 60 lac in cash c\ready. He had imitated the voice of Indira Gandhi and told him or so Mr.VK Malhotra, the chief cashier, told the police. A part of the contingency funds available to Prime Minister was kept with this SBI Branch. Nagarwala reached the Bank, collected  the cash and then vanished into thin air. Cashier Malhotra panicked and rushed to PMO, police was sent on the Nagarwala trail. Te police nabbed him a short while later from a Dharmshala. But he did not have the cash that he had collected earlier in the same day.
The unorthodox withdrawal of such a huge sum triggered off a huge din. Indira had to answer to several embarrassing questions, She had few answers to convince an excited opposition. Nagarwala was subsequently lodged in Tihar Jail. He was to complain of a certain uneasiness, but by the time medical assistance could reach him, it was too late. Nagarwala died mysteriously in Jail. Nagawala a few month before his death/ murder mystery, he had faced an attack from unidentified assailants while he was with his family in his car.. How do investigating authorities establish the involvement of Nagarwala? Is still unanswered question.
The MYSTERY further compounded when VK Malhotra ; the same cashier involved in above case.. After he retired from SBI he was hired as Chief Accounts Officer by MARUTI UDYOG! The same dream project of Sanjay Gandhi…
 The Congress, Indira to Sonia Gandhi  By Vijay Sanghvi


  1. Very interesting subject this was then. Was because it died with the people involved in it and of course with subsequent Congress Govts showing scant interest in it. That the whisked off money was used into the launch of Maruti by the notorious Sanjay Gandhi is anybody's guess. Be that as it may, dynastic legacy continues not just in terms of hierarchy but also in terms of looting the nation. What was looted then is continued now. There is no Maruti to spring up now; but who knows what else could emerge with #Amulmother and @AmulBaby busy siphoning off tons of our resources under our very nose.

    Good point raised to ponder, shuchita.

  2. Thanks for your valuable comment Prashantji @(prashhanthkpp @
    All of us must unveil the facts.. soon or later the wrong propaganda of this Pseudo-Gandhi dynasty will come into notice of common man..All will reject them for playing tricks with innocent citizen's of Bharat! For Sure nation will be a better place to live in then..

  3. Indira Gandhi, after dividing Congress and winning election in 1971 wanted to consolidate her status in Indian politics. She conspired with Shaikh Mujibur Rehman to weaken Pakistan by supporting the Bangladesh liberation movement and thus dividing Pakistan.

    She openly supported Bangladesh freedom movement and financed it covertly. The money withdrawn from State Bank of India by Nagarwalaa, was part of that finance to the Mukti Vahini in its guerrilla-liberation campaign in East Pakistan.

    Nagarwalla, a close confidant of Indira, was schedule to leave that evening with money for Nepal to hand over the same to somme contact of Mukti Vahini. He was arrested and died in jail due to lack of medical facilities in 1973. Shri D. K. Kashyap, investigating the case was also killed in a car attack.

    There was rumour a report that Indira and Mujib were about to sign a pact with India on 15th August 1976, which infuriated USA and hence CIA in killed Mujib in a coup on 14/15 August 1975.

    Nehry-Gandhi dynasty is ruling India by fooling innocent citizens and by conspiring against the national interest.

  4. @Vijay Bahadur Singh ji.. Thanks for throwing light on this case further.. Yes your Last lines is the crux of all these cases that were buried into the past by this Dynasty!

  5. KL Gauba's book, which is much sought after on this subject makes for an interesting read. The book, however may not be available. Many characters crucial to the case died under mysterious circumstances.