Friday, 12 November 2010

Live Life to fullest-God knows, what next moment, would unfold for us...

Whenever I see a butterfly..
My faith that we must try to live every moment of life to fullest, becomes deeper.. 
The Butterfly,who is busy wandering on a flower, enjoying its nectar & fragrance..who is busy adding to colours & aesthetics to world..Seems so contented & happy with present.. That not even a single thought dwindles her faith towards life..
If she would have ever thought of the future.. Will she have been so happy?
No, Not at all. 
Then,the fear of 'end of life' coming nearer & nearer would have taken all her Happiness. 
Fear of losing something, fear that tomorrow will the world be same for us.. 
Always entangles us so much that we forget to live the present.. We are busy planning for years,when even the next moment of life is so unpredictable..God know will we be alive next moment or not.. 
But still man spoils all the pleasure of present.. He frowns, he quarrels, he yells, because he is unable to plan for future..
He is busy putting foundation for the future high castles. And in this struggle for unknown future he over-look most beautiful times of present day.. don't miss such little moments of everyday life which make us smile..
Happy moments of present would be good memories of past, some day..!
We must create a beautiful picture of present. So we may frame it some day & put it on the wall.