Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Are we Nurturing Human Infants into unemotional Robots????

Aren’t we encountering with a typical society which hasn’t changed in terms of being socialized?   
A society which is creating disinterested,   self-centred, egoistic individuals with "Let it be attitude "
Both parents are busy like west,in achieving their career threshold.Children are being groomed by themselves.
Its mere matter of SERENDIPITY-what type of citizen will society achieve in future
Mom is away & maid has taken her place. Child is learning what maid feels is right.  From their childhood children learn bossing over elders (servant). Is this an age to teach child the distinction of classes?
We wanted literate mother with hypothesis that an Educated lady Educates home. So, now we need to educate Maids not Mothers. Is today's mom there to educate her child or she is busy earning name, money, fame & identity? Does she have time to see to child’s emotional and little requirements?
Love or "Mamta" what we call is more superficial. It is being discussed in Kitty parties & office pantry. Girls read books on happy parenting... but not see back into past, to find what their moms did.  
Child is being rushed to a psychiatrist to give him Kangaroo Therapy or the Hug Therapy to give him emotional security but Mom won't hug him right with her own arms. Aren't we crazy?
Most parent count on money they have spent on their child but not time. Child has most of toys but no one to play with them.
Would be there an emotional bonding between parents and child???

Children sit idle killing their time in front of television, watching daily soap operas which portray relations based mainly on greed for Money,strive for Power & Sex. No logic behind it, no reality of life.
What "Sanskars" are we providing?

Making the situation worse the reality shows are adding to the expectations from child. More & more competition has overburdened the child’s mind. Most parents want their child to be at top as ALL-ROUNDER , a SUPER HUMAN! What about average children? Aren’t their little achievements over shadowed by our over demanding nature?
On education front nothing useful is being taught. Most youngsters find it embarrassing, when they have to use there mother tongue- "THE MATRIBHASHA". It’s fashion to speak broken Hindi to show you are modern & literate. Isn’t it shameful for us? 
Children busy cramming lesson from "Modern passbooks" which we often call the study material or a "Refresher"! 
Is this an education which is required to create a responsible citizen?
Most of us are merely literate. We aren't including much, what we have read into our lives or attitude. Why can’t we educate our youngsters & ourselves?
Weren’t we happy with our Indian hierarchial set-up of society & type of work division,amongst sexes? Where parents were rearing & nurturing their child very nicely.With little earning in terms of money & more in terms of emotions!
Where is that WE FEELING?For whom, are we putting,our efforts?What type of NEW generation, is ought to be there?What will we do with money? Only,we can gather a crowd around ourselves,on which we can never rely.
Is Career,Academics & Economic achievements are above all Social living?
WAS THIS INDIAN CULTURE? A culture which has always amused & attracted the attention of WEST.. Why are we copying losers of west...?
Think aren’t we ourselves creating a world without emotions?
Are we not turning HUMAN INFANTS into an unemotional ROBOT with high output?
We have been best on emotional front & should be so for eras to come..!