Monday, 21 March 2011

Discard negativity-Provide good programmes to viewers..They would like it!

These days Programmes on television use negative approach to attract viewers & to earn TRP's. These channel are able to grab viewers attention but how many such programme can these hold the attracted audience, for long time.? We must say-the so called reality shows, shows full of sensationalism n vulgarity.. which are far away from humanity & intellect, How many of these can leave a long lasting impression on our minds?
Show full of pump n show.
Its human tendency to explore more & to be curios about things which they are restrained from. This is what we call the Reference group.
Veena Malik full of sensationalism at Big Boss

Off course Negativity attracts,creates curiosity.. but once the person is allowed to explore the truth n real picture about the same thing .. this curiosity disappears. Now there comes new reference group. This race keeps on going.
Negative Dolly at Big Boss

I don't say restrain viewers from bad things.. but provide them scope to find enough good things on T.V.
Attraction by negative approach is like Fads n fashion.. they change every second day.

Positive approach may be slow but it's steadiness & long lasting impression would always WINS the RACE.
Let them explore the world themselves but make them Aware of the difference between Good n Bad.
If we provide 90% good to viewers at-least 30% would automatically get inculcated in their personality.
Let them develop taste for more worthy shows.
Some shows may be too bitter to view because of it's bitter truth content. But this is what India should have through Journalism. Need is to develop taste of audience for real shows. 
Let them see more of debate shows than those  related to Bollywood Gossips. Let them learn dignified behaviour not "munni badnam."  Repeat knowledge bearing news.  
Don't let people live in fantasies that too the vulgar one.. 
Don't let people sleep any more. Provide them with entertainment but don't estimate their I.Q. level is too low.
Radha ki betiyan was Clean Family Show.

People would learn to relish what they are served on television. Indian viewers are too adaptive. Climbing mountains is a hard job but that doesn't mean all should start drowning or  flowing with down falling streams... Put efforts to awaken inner self. Put efforts on humanistic approaches.

Jasuben Jayantilal ki joint family-Afamily show

Reinoculate the faith in virtues of life-the Honesty,Humanity, Truthfulness, Sound character & Simplicity.Make them feel that these virtues still bear Grace In Society n can win fame n recognition.
Media frames our mind set.  

Arnab Goswami-Fearless  journalist is admired for his impartial News.
Please don't let full of stupidity, without-intellect  programmes win TRP's just by watching such programme, out of curiosity. Appreciate good deed of people around, give recognition to those who are contributing  something to this world..Don't recognise those who are just rich in terms of Wealth.

Give recognition to wisdom, to  knowledge and to Humanity! 
Set a trend that FAME is matter of our good contribution to the society & it can't be earned just by adding lot of money in our accounts. 
Hope earth would be a better place to live in.!