Monday, 8 November 2010

'INTUITION' is what scientific mind deny to understand, when there is real need to be scientific to unfold, its all aspects!

I came across intuitions many times, which my scientific mind doesn’t believe.
Few experiences in life, compelled me to believe.. that there is something in universe, which tries to guide us.. It's our rational mind which sometimes misses the signals given by Almighty. We are unable to give proper reasoning & explanation to- "how we have intuitions" So we over-look Intuitions.
It seems as a fiction for many but many of us have encountered some type of mystical power.  
Few of us can feel what is going to happen next..Sometimes our heart says "it’s not going to work" but our mind says -"need to put more effort to achieve the goal"We work hard to deny that feeling but we meet failures..What was behind this feeling?
Sometimes by seeing someone, we have affinity towards that if we knew them through eras. As pictured in Film ANAND- The “MURARILAL". And as we come to know them more, we find them similar to us in thoughts & behaviour.. Is our mind able to catch the signal waves of other mind..Is there something like hormone Adrenaline which is smelled by animals (dogs) which help them to find out that person in front of them is feared & anxious. Are humans too able to get signals in same way...?
What is the attracting force which attracts one human being towards the other like a magnet?
Why we want to be in touch with someone unknown.. Why a single thought that we are somehow linked, gives immense satisfaction. This creates anxiety in our & other-one’s mind too. We are unable to explain why something is entangling us.. 
This attraction often is not because of good looks neither there is hidden intention...nor it is bound in boundaries of ethnicity,caste,creed,age or peer group.. Then what is really behind it?that makes few people so attractive & others so repulsive? Are we linked some how...? Or this is a natural way of God, to help us, to find, People who may be helpful & who may be harmful in our lives?
When we don't know someone's personalty.. what makes us to judge them..?Anyhow few of us can form fine hypothesis which proves to be right...
Do some of us have that good action-reaction realization concept? i.e. We are able to anticipate to consequence of an action much before the end result comes in front of our eyes..?Is it the Intuitive power? Or does it support the theory of reincarnation? 
Are we all attached to each other because our ATMA is an ANSH of same PARAMATMA?Do we or our ATMA carry some unknown notions from our past life which is helping us to judge environment?
There are instances when people visit some new place, of which, they haven't heard even... then also, they know much about, that place? How they come to know that place, without any prior knowledge about it? 
Some of us see a dream that really comes true... exactly what we see in a deep sleep, happens in reality.. Is it a coincidence? This is quite fascinating..How can we see something which is going to happen in near future.. When we are not part of that scene..How & Why do we come to know, about it?
Have you ever come across any such experience?
I have come across few such experiences.. I don't have deep faith in reincarnation.. but few instances of my life create lot many questions and shake my mind. How can mind accept it,without a solid reasoning. It never accepts something that way..
How, some of us, can predict future? Do few of us have ability to feel something which is more than mere thought process?Is our mind working at a faster rate than we estimate,it can..?
Or it’s our spirit that’s doing that?(The Astral Walk).
But off-course few of us experience some unbelievable events & circumstances.
Most of the time, I have ignored these  intuition taking it as a dream or anxiety. 
Because without proper reasoning this might not be widely acceptable fact. Sometimes I'm unable to interpret the full message because I come out of dream early. Sometimes I can interpret it very well.. It's unbelievable. .These dreams are never regular but some times intuition is really high..I watch them like a movie, what is going to happen.What could be the purpose of such dreams?Why I'm an exception?don't know...What to do if you find someone is going to die in future..You can't go to him and say- it will happen soon, I saw in my dream..No body would believe that a normal person can predict so.. No one would give me five rather there is better chance to get a slap..
It's not that I can dream on regular basis.. it's not that I have done anything special to achieve this power.. Neither the dreams can be modified to know the future of someone specific nor I need propaganda..I dreamt before 9/11..Before Bhuj earthquake.. many more. 
Intuitions are so random you can't rely on them. But they are there..  
Definitely its not a psychological ailment as I even tried to consult Psychologist,Parapsychologists, Astrologers & Psychics to find about it. Didn't get any satisfactory answer.. To find a reasonable answer.Astrology was my Hobby since childhood, I had learnt a bit from my Guruji..I tried to apply that knowledge to Question. I could establish some relation between intuitions and Our dashas. Yes specific Grah(Planets) in there dasha's(Period) increase this power. Still lot remains unveiled & unexplained. This exploration & analysis of past using astrology - I found that Grah have some role to play in our lives..We can predict Good & bad periods of life.. but it would take more to be specific..We can't deny-Astrology.. But we can't fully rely on Destined fate..
Will it be superstitious to believe what I felt or it would be unscientific, not to search for answer of the Questions that arose?
Can there  be any power  which connects us to many people who are not directly linked to us? Who are not our family, our city or nation..Is it the occult power? If such power exists & we have one,what really can we do with it? What to do if we get to know what is going to happen in future? Can we use it for manipulating our environment for betterment of our life as well as mankind?
Can we develop more such power of Intuitions & Signals? 
Can we interpret the world in a better way if we can understand such signs, signals & language of intuitions to fullest?
Definitely, there is still lot in this world which is yet to be understood, by man.

"Aaradhya" A poem by Shuchita

This poem is dedicated to my parents....!-Shuchita.