Tuesday, 21 June 2011

INDIA-Don't be easy prey to Foreigners.It's time to be Self-dependent in Energy & Power sector!! Use your brains...

Don't be an easy Prey to foreigners!

We are purchasing technology from France for Uranium based Nuclear Power Plants ! 
Do we really need Uranium Based nuclear power plants at Jaitapur?
We don’t have good deposits of Uranium but we have deposits of Thorium. Then why not Thorium????
Secondly, The nuclear reactor that we are heading towards would be made on High risk EARTH QUAKE PRONE LAND. (Greenpeace is also protesting the plan, arguing that the proposed site is in an "extremely risky" earthquake zone.)
What is the Government's strategy then?
They don’t understand the scientific aspect of their policies OR Are they busy shaking hands with Foreigners by being great markets to them..
After US President OBAMA; now French president SARKOZY is busy filling his wish bag with business & job opportunities provided by India to his people..
Serious issue is- that Indian Govt. wouldn’t stop there. China & Russia are in a queue to exploit Indian market after USA & France… 
(Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev are also scheduled to visit New Delhi this month.)
Why don’t we work on the idea given 5 years back; by our Great scientist & then President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam??
We have enormous scope to be energy Independent.. If we see too these areas..

It is essential to pursue the development of nuclear power using Thorium, reserves of which are higher in the country . Technology development has to be accelerated for Thorium based reactors since the raw material for Thorium is abundantly available in our country. For  Uranium as raw material we will be mostly dependent on others..
"But Thorium dependency is on our own mother land once it is developed."

India has abundant sunshine in whole of western region… Solar energy generation could be a better option to put resource in to become energy efficient..
Dr. Kalam said “Solar energy in particular requires unique, massive applications in the agricultural sector, where farmers need electricity exclusively in the daytime. This could be the primary demand driver for solar energy. Our farmers demand for electric power today is significantly high to make solar energy economical in large scale.
The current high capital costs of solar power stations can be reduced by grid-locked 100 MW sized Very Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic (VLSPV) or Solar Thermal Power Stations. In the very near future, breakthroughs in nanotechnologies promise significant increase in solar cell efficiencies from current 15% values to over 50% levels. These would in turn reduce the cost of solar energy production. Our science laboratories should mount a R&D Programme for developing high efficiency CNT based Photo Voltaic Cells.
In the Power generation Sector of the energy economy, we need to fully use the technologies now available for generating power from municipal waste. Studies indicate that as much as 5800 MW of power can be generated by setting up 900 electric power plants spread over in different parts of the country which can be fuelled by municipal waste.
The electric power generation and creation of clean environment are the twin advantages.
We have nearly 60 million hectares of wasteland, of which 30 million hectares are available for energy plantations like "Jatropha". Once grown, the crop has a life of 50 years. Each acre will produce about 2 tonnes of bio-diesel at about Rs. 20-30 per litre. Biodiesel is carbon neutral and many valuable by-products flow from this agro-industry.
This needs to be a urgent R&D programme. India has a potential to produce nearly 60 million tones of bio-fuel annually, Indian Railways has already taken a significant step of running passenger trains with a 5% blend of bio-fuel sourced from its in-house esterification plants.
What is needed is a full economic chain from farming, harvesting, and extraction to esterification, blending and marketing. Apart from employment generation, bio-fuel has a significant potential to lead our country towards energy independence.
We need to develop R&D in way to produce energy from our rich thorium deposits in future to be energy independent.

Instead of thinking on interlinking of rivers only at times of flood and drought, we must start this programme with a great sense of urgency. It has the promise of freeing the country from the endless cycle of floods and droughts. Also, it will provide a new renewable source of energy.
Use our own resources to be ENERGY INDEPENDENT BY YEAR 2030 !!!!! 
We shouldn’t give message to Foreigners that - if you favour us with a single sentence on UN security councils' membership for India.. “We are open because of our short sightedness & ignorance…Come exploit us !!” "We are easy prey & market for you…”"Come to India, enjoy great Indian hospitality & As souvenir- fill your bags with lots of business & job opportunities..
No way!! 
Stop Government from doing that.!! 
We are spending billions of Dollars as well as we are becoming a prey to Foreigners.
Create a public opinion. AGAINST SUCH AGREEMENTS!!