Monday, 11 October 2010

God's Favourite Child!

One day, I dreamt I was walking alone on a beach in my life’s journey. For each time I saw back, I found two pairs of footprints.
Anxiously I asked whose were the other. GOD replied I’m always walking besides you as you work for Humanity!
Then the last scene of my life flashed. I looked back. I noticed, many times along the path there was only 1 set of foot-prints. This has happened at very low & saddest times of my life.
This bothered me & I asked: “God you said you would walk with me all my life but why you left me alone when I needed you most!
I love you & would never leave you Alone! When you saw one set of foot-prints. Those were mine. I was carrying you in my Hands during your Tough Times..! 

Leave Footprints by helping others without selfish motives & without Blood Relations
Learn to love Human Beings. Have faith in Humanity- Have contentment in life! Give meaning to life!
The glow of satisfaction on needy person's face is real Treasure of life!
Be God's Favourite Child!