Monday, 6 February 2012


Today I seek answers to my trivial questions..
What is happiness & how we achieve this Happiness?
Ans-"Happiness is positive mental state of zeal n enthusiasm acquired by achieving something that men desires in life."
Are we Happy?
Most of us would say “YES we are..”
Say, if we can’t achieve what we want in life…Then what would be our answer to Are you Happy? Yes or No?
Majority answer will be NO.
Most feel unhappy not because we lost the aim; but because our efforts made in direction to achieve that goal are wasted. The answer is appropriate if we see world/life superficially.
Above analysis points out- "achieving “end product” is the way to achieve happiness."
Does life really works as a chemical reaction??
Have you ever looked up to life with altogether different perspective?
Not yet then do it…
Is getting something as end product is always aim in life? Say, if it is so-
In our daily chores, we set thousands of goals. Achieve few & miss some. 
If post setting a goal only END PRODUCT or reaching the goal make us happy then Unhappiness will be always encircling us…Simple reason, everyone can’t achieve everything they aspire in this world..
This implies- Surely, end product/Achieving AIM can’t be a key to happiness.
Then what next-Goals are motivator,we all agree…
But the above analysis indicates-that setting goals may be a motivator for sometime, 
but can be key to unhappiness if we fail.
Now what should be done? Should we stop setting goals?
This isn’t possible. Certain goals & aims make life meaningful. Goals add dynamics to life.
But how can we be sure that, we are going to achieve whatever we dreamt of??
So, Is being HAPPY is matter of serendipity..?
Shall we say Being Happy is not in our hands??
There no key to HAPPINESS? This we can’t do..
Then what can be the key..
The best answer I could find by introspection- I’m sharing with you.
Let’s seek happiness in some other form.
Look at the happiness & satisfaction that we achieve
-While putting in efforts to reach our set Goal,
-When we successfully resolve problems & overcome difficulties.
-When we are able appreciate new things learnt, at the end of the day.
-When we are able acknowledge, our own potential of reaching this far.
-When we learn to appreciate whatever we achieve, during the struggle to get to our aim-may be knowledge,  experience or some memorable moments in life.
-When, we come across, something that gave us a reason to smile.
-When our small deed helps in flashing a smile on someone’s face
-When, we can be helpful to someone, who just needs proximity & moral support.
-When we know that we are making a positive effort, may be on a slower pace.
-When we feel, we are able to contribute,our share in this world, may it be, tinniest share of our exclusive individual personality.
-When we are able to uphold our head high & look the world with fearless guiltless eyes...
-When we can look into mirror & can find that our face still has some grace, innocence & confidence left, irrespective of Success or failure we met in life...
-When we stand in front of God in a temple and we have nothing big to confess.
When we can believe God’s blessings will be with us always because knowingly we never committed a sin & always tried to inculcated virtues in our conduct/life.
-When we can dare to accept whatever we do or say. This is the courage; we derive; only after passing through numerous tests of nature/destiny...
Sure, none is born saint... But ya, during the journey called “life”. We all can grow up in wisdom & spirituality...
I’m not saying Someone who can give up things easily, who is a looser would be happy. 
But yes someone who learns to accept life as it comes to them is Happy.
Make full efforts to achieve Set goals. Utilize right means & Follow right path. Your faith will win one day. Try once… Leave a little bit to destiny too... Sometimes something’s are not meant to happen in this world. If you fail never give up.. Start afresh.. But we shouldn’t leave morals, values & virtues in race of achieving goals.
Once we learn deriving pleasures out of trivial things & events.
We find the key to happiness. Yes this is the KEY TO HAPPNESS..
 It’s in our hands…
Happiness always knocks the door when you are busy with lots of things & not seeking for it any more.
All incidence, circumstances & persons contribute something to our life.
They are introduced by God to make us learn what LIFE really is.
Even in darkest of dark time there is something to smile for. Try to find that smile. 
Gather many beautiful happy pictures of today.
Trust me-They would enlighten the walls of your memory lane someday.
Failures help us choose our strategy & find real friends. They built up our unique personality. We must celebrate little achievements of life. 
Often look back onto places where we slipped badly to find the causative factor. Never regret of your voluntary & positive acts. 
Always be happy for, At least we had a chance to try!
Let success come its own way... Motives don't bring happiness... 
Be contented but never inactive...
Plan, Work hard & stop worrying about the results/End products! Don’t get driven by the pressures of life.. Choose & do whatever you find best; whatever your soul permits you to do. 
Try & be a SOURCE not a receptor of happiness…
Life is really admirable!!