Saturday, 6 November 2010

Don't be Market- Unfold talents & resources-INDIA WOULD BE A SUPER-POWER!

India has always been a " Sone ki Chidiya"- The golden egg laying Hen. We Indians are richer than any other nation of the world. We are only loosing our faith in ourselves.. Just analyse... We have outstanding Calibre, talents , brains, cultural diversity & heritage..We have enormous ability of innovation in least resources.. We have been great Inventors through out the history.
India has indispensable courage, manpower, intelligence & patience. Patience & satisfaction has been unbeatable power of we Indians.
We have been trustworthy, ethical and committed workers in the world.
Today the very TECHNOLOGY of which USA boasts of is somehow a gift of Indians to US. Most technological fields have NRI. No sector of American economy is there, in which Indians don't play a KEY ROLE. If we can make a country which has high rate of juvenile delinquency & illiteracy, A nation with lots of non-contributing Manpower(dependent population)- The USA.. A SUPER POWER.. Why can't we make ourselves THAT??
Since years we have been debating on the issue of BRAIN DRAIN.. but what actually we have done to provide our skilled, well qualified, technical work force??
Though Indians might have been attracted towards foreign due to the glitter & money of West.. But definitely they would be happy to come back to their mother land, If we would provide them an infrastructure and a little of facilities.
They will feel proud to contribute for the progress of their OWN NATION.
All we need is to provide a Canvas to them to create that beautiful picture of INDIA..It is definitely a  better way to develop ourselves.
So please restrain from unthinkably following West to find the solution of Problems of India's Economy.
Don't be a market for US as we have been for EAST INDIA COMPANY. 
We have lots of manpower. Restrain from tremendous computerisation and mechanization. We don't need machines much. Don't import anything ..
Unfold own resources & cultural heritage... It's our Unbeatable power..!
We have full potential to become a GREAT PRODUCER.. and then we will search for MARKET !!