Monday, 27 June 2011

Journey from UPRRMC to UPA (United Province ROAD ROLLER Manufacturing Company to United Province Alliance)

The Maruti Land Scandal
An auto-mobile repairs shop owner Arjun Das met Sanjay accidentally Gandhi who was then chasing the dream of manufacturing a people’s car. Das was allotted prime Land adjoining an IAF establishment in Gurgaon astride the Delhi Airport. The transaction violated security requirements because the new factory was sought to be premised closed to a defence establishment. The debate also focused on the fact that Sanjay Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were directors in The UNITED PROVINCE ROAD ROLLER MANUFACTURING COMPANY founded by someone with suspect credentials. The company had made only 1 road roller but had had sold scores of road rollers to the Border Roads Construction Corporation, a public sector unit owned by the Indian Government. The company had collected money but had never dispatched a single road roller. It had receipts from the railways of having loaded the roads rollers in wagons that never reached their destinations. The CBI was asked to enquire but could not unravel the truth..
Source: The Congress, Indira to Sonia Gandhi
 By Vijay Sanghvi

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