Sunday, 19 December 2010

Is it Love or Lust ? Don't redefine the two words...

Love is unconditional
Most discussed topic in life- Love! Majority of soap operas revolve around it. Here, love starts at first sight or with the girl just tripping down, into the arms of hero. This most demanded & passionate love creates lot of tension, competition, greed, revenge and even crime. This very cherishing feeling of  love in such serials, expires as soon as a third person steps into the couple’s life. The big dream castle of so-called love collapses with a little tremor of distrust or infatuation created for someone else.
In such operas-The love is being portrayed as ultimate lust for opposite sex. It’s matter of egoist achievement
It’s similar to Ravan’s love for Sitaji or Suparankha’s desire for Shri Ram. 
Our mythology termed this as “Rakshas Pravriti”
or in the modern era we may call it –“Animal Instinct”!
Love means much more.. It can not be "id" only!
Need to review our Indian ideology-The sequence of Purusharthas. 
“Ab toh songs mein bhi Ishq 'Ibadat' ki jagah 'kamina' hone laga hai.. Kya yehi humari sabhyata hai?”
 It’s time to judge our feeling, on our own.
Where are we heading?Aren’t we heading towards our degeneration?Our cultural degradation?
Don’t redefine LOVE as LUST. .These two are anonymous..

Love is worship!
“Pyar upaasana hai—Vaasana nahi..”
Ishwar Bhakti, Aastha, Vatsalaya, Desh prem, Karuna are part of the word love only. Why not projecting them to world?
Love is as sacred as worship.. It’s pure.. It can’t be bound in boundaries of adjectives. It can’t be created nor destroyed. Motives can never be its foundation. Situations change people come & go in life. We love something and if it goes; we feel down & hurt. Soon, we learn to let it go, we stop thinking of it, finding it wasn’t meant to be ours. But how can somebody hurt back?
How people take revenge for not achieving, what they want in love? No one in this  world is bound to feel the way you think he or she should.
People are trying to snatch love...committing Crimes to achieve it! Kidnapping for love.. Captive life can never be pleasure for anybody.. Bandhano main bandh ke pyaar ka vriksh kaise vikasit hoga? Murder for love? or Is it murder of love & humanity!
How can love be CAUSE of destructive activity?  Isn’t it shameful to define our Lust or Id  as love?
Are we animals or human beings?
Love pyramid
Since eras, Love has been a beautiful feeling, which enhances our personality.Which binds humans like a pearls in a string.. Which encourage to sacrifice 'self' for a single smile of loved one.
Then why does EGO overlap our so SACRED feeling of life-"love"?
What’s so insulting in loosing for someone, whom you love…
Think who the winner is? It’s your love only.. Then, what makes you so impatient & egoistic?
Does proximity is the end which we seek in love?
Off course we want to be near to our choice but if not so…
Here comes the role of wisdom.. Say if we hurt whom we love but whom we couldn't acquire..
Who will feel the aftermath? Who is the biggest victim? Who is being hurt..?
It’s WE ourselves. Isn’t it?
This means to be victorious in love-appeasement of our loved one is most important. His/her freedom is most important.
To be a nice human being we must express love in its other forms too.. Need to decentralize our id into creative 'likes & love for other things-God, Parents, Work, Aims, Motherland, Humanity, Nature anything that is important in our lives..'
Stop before it’s too late. Time to think what we are achieving by our ids..? 
Try to feel the satisfaction, which we get, when without selfish motive- we give, give & give to see a flash of smile on someone’s face. The mere shine in the other one’s eyes is more than a life’s treasure…
The best portion of a man’s life, is, his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and unintentional love... 

This was an article which I wrote when I came across number of NEWS regarding increasing crimes related to what is called  "Crime of Passion".
Hope my lines will not be used take out any
Inferences regarding my personal life....
Although above article reflects my ideology but it doesn't include any personal-life experience.


  1. thought provoking and insightful. and yes i feel one should be more open and considerate in letting his/her love go to someone they love. after all, love is another name of sacrifice.

  2. Yes Love is always unintentional.. It is as pious as faith n worship n can never lead to a criminal act but lust can.

  3. Good potential as a blogger but poor expression, too many Indianisms and sloppy proofreading, Suchitra. You MUST READ MORE FOREIGN AUTHORS TO BRUSH UP YOUR STYLE, ESPECIALLY YOUR SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION,BABY. I hope I didn't hurt you too much ...always there to help.

    Subroto Mukerji, age 63, Mob 9313878847

    1. @Subroto Mukerji-Thnx for the critical analysis sir..I will never mind, to improve my writing skills if someone even younger to me points out that there is a scope..I need advises like yours.Your experience is valuable but I must say AGE & WISDOM have little to do with eachother.. PRACTICALITY & AGE are directely proportional :) Keep Guiding me..You needn't write your age & number or feel that I may mind.Comments should be original. Do point out specific errors,in my writing..I always appreciate that.
      I'm happy that you expressed what you felt.
      Still,I would say,reading foreign authors for improving way of expression on a blog is good, but I wouldn't or say can't adopt Westernized thought process. Indian ideals & ideologies have always helped to endure in relationships.. Humare sanskaar humein "Biological creature" se "Social creature" banate hai.. and so I would still insist our Indian way of dealing with emotions & relations have great power.They frame up healthy SOCIAL SETUP.
      We must modernise ourselves, may adopt good attributes of West,but never ever leave behind ours.. Jiss Dharma ka sahara lekar mein yeh sab explain kiya woh hi yester eras mein education ka madhayam tha. And being spiritual,being idealist is never a crime..Although its hard to stick to these virtues but once we acquire this power to win over our "Ids". there is happiness all around. Thanks & reagrds.