Friday, 19 November 2010

Positive Approach too grabs Attention.. Try one.

Commercial advertisements whether it’s of deo-spray, motor-cycle, chocolate, refrigerator, washing machine, T.V. or any other. Most of them have women, they are portraying the lust and sensational part of life.
What could be the reason of females in ads of vest, shaving cream or S.blades!
Are women the target population for their products? They say it attracts consumers.
Do we really think that Indian costumers are so ill cultured and insensitive that nothing less than Lust & temptation would make them understand the utility of any Product?
Are we so unsocialised like animals that Ids & uncontrolled instincts can only grab our attention? Does the word Sexy bears utmost importance in one’s life…? Sincerely it’s not important for most Indian.
It’s kept on third place when we talk about Purushartha's proposed by Indian ideology. 
Dharma & Artha come before it i.e. One’s duties towards God, society , family & work place comes first then there is any pace for own pleasures & id. So, why are we trying to change its sequence?
Let’s reshuffle the old pages of commercial ads....
Ads which have, really set a long lasting impression on our mind, are those, which were much more CLEAN and SIMPLE.
May it be Amul’s –‘Utterly butterly delicious”

The twinkling eyes of Dhara eidible oil kid..Calling—“JALEBI”

Lays ad boy saying- “My mom says I shouldn’t talk to strangers! Get your own pack..!

Ponds ad with simple elegant lady in aeroplane asking-“Shayad aap meri seat par hain”

Complan- I’m a Complan boy..”
or Handiplast Girl slipping on a pot in garden to hurt herself.. Mom putting Handiplast..
Vicks—baby elephant with red tusk saying “chhoti Vicks ki dibbi mere liye!”

We may recall few ads-
Pepsodent- Papa with pappu


Squirrel ad of Kit-Kat- Have break!Zindagi shayad aapko kuchh khaas dikha de..

Tata Sky series with Amir Khan as dhoodhwala, purchaser,saloon or pitaji
Tata Sky - Aamir Khan Sardar Ad: via @youtube


Idea Series –What an idea sir ji .. Bhasha, Save paper n trees: Phone exchange or any of that series.

Ceat Byke tyre has also used the positive approach to show the grip of tyre on road & It helps to prevent accident even when others don’t follow traffic rule. Says-“They are many such idiots on road”

Mahindra Stallio motor cycle ad where Amir replies question of youngster that “Kya yeh toofan se topi lati hai.?. “New bike huh! Plane se race lagayegi?'”
Amir Khan says, “Itni jaldi nahi hay yaar. Waise bhi ghar hi jana hay. Ma intezaar kar rahi hai” Other way could have been boasting ads of bikes for their speed, stunt and style..
But even a message conveyor ad for safe driving can promote a brand! Even a discussion between son & father attracts us.



  1. Hi Suchita... Nice Blog... But Here... Just a lil Input... That time was diffrent when we used to have "HUMARA BAJAJ", "SUNDROP REFINED OIL", "CADBURRY- KUCHH MEETHA HO JAAYE" ... With so Much Exposure... Now People's Mind has been Nurtured that way... That Now, The ADS hav Gals... Showing of their Body... People Like it now... Because, that's what is all around...

    When U say, Positive approach, I feel Its Negative Approach That grabs attention... Its a Human Psyche, People, would do something, which they are asked not to... For Example.. If you ask somebody not to switch to channel no. 5 on Television... A person, would definitely go to Channel no. 5, just out of curiosity... Postive Approach Grabs attention, ONly if the Content is Interesting,.. But A negative Approach Grabs attention, at the very first place, because, it is Negative...

    I Hope u get my Point... :)

  2. @aditi- Thanks..Yes,its human tendency to explore more & to be curios about things which they are restrained from. This is what is called the Reference group. Off course Negativity attracts,creates curiosity.. but once the person is allowed to explore the truth n real picture about the same thing.. this curiosity disappears. Now there would be new reference group. Attraction by negative approach is like Fads n fashion.. they change every second day. Positive approach may be slow but it's steadiness & long lasting impression would always win the race.
    I don't say restrain viewers from bad things.. but provide them scope to find enough good things on T.V.
    Let them explore the world themselves but make them Aware of the difference between Good n Bad.If we provide 90% good to viewers at-least 30% would automatically get inculcate in their personality. Reinoculate the faith in virtues of life-the honesty,Humanity, truthfulness, sound character & simplicity. Make them feel that these virtues still bear Grace In Society n can win fame n recognition.

  3. Shuchita, yes this is a thought provoking blog.

    Ads these days have become the epitome of sensuality. This can largely be attributed to the so called 'elitist socialites' who abound our society now in the tag of upper middle class. This is a substantial group that has emerged post 1990 with a vision to ape the west by and large. Ads also got progressively catered to this segment of society with a reason because it was this segment who could afford Television in their sitting rooms once upon a time.

    This drastic elevation or progress of Ads, if one may call it so, basically translated the interests that would capture the unrestrained indulgence of this segment of society. But, when the plurality of visual media began to span to the next level of society, this segment too found a certain objective hankering towards the upper level and opted to become cyclostylic.

    Automatically, Ads found a new life in the larger panorama of viewership and became continuous contributors to the sensual Ad sphere.

    To get back to a Amul baby or a Complan or a Ponds or a Vics Ad comprising children now would seem misplaced from the Advertiser's point of view.

    If you will pardon my indiscretion, an Advertiser would find better viewership if a striking mother in resplendent dress represented her children in the Amul or Complan Ads, if a beautiful girl administered Ponds in her armpits or yet another girl bares her back to be administered Vicks by a concerned Husband etc.

    The idea of themes that would corroborate the assuming high sales of such products have now totally become 'adulterated'.

    We ourselves can be blamed for it! An excellent write up Shuchita.